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Private Label

Contract Manufacturing (Private Label) Services 

Birmingham Chocolate provides small batch, hand-crafted contract manufacturing (i.e., co-manufacturing, private label manufacturing) services.

  • Use our existing product recipes, ingredients and packaging with your branding.

  • Incorporate a special ingredient into our existing product recipes and packaging with your branding.

  • Customize a unique product recipe with our existing packaging and your branding.

  • Customize the product look (e.g., develop a unique/branded mold).

  • Customize/brand the packaging (e.g., wrapper, box, ribbon).

  • Drop ship year-around to retail customers or distribution centers.

  • Orders may be submitted directly from your accounts or centrally through you.

  • We can invoice accounts directly or centrally through you. 

Benefits of co-manufacturing with Birmingham Chocolate:

  • Highly personal relationship - we work together on your project.

  • Coordinate design and production of your custom packaging.

  • Research, develop and test new product recipes and source the ingredients.

  • Accelerate your speed to market.

  • Minimize capital investment while testing the market.

  • Support manufacture of products whose volumes do not justify self-manufacture.

  • Support transition to self-manufacture at the appropriate time.

  • Our chocolates and ingredients are all-natural with no preservatives or artificial additives.

  • Our facility is kosher certifed by Kosher Michigan.

  • We can facilitate USDA Organic certification for the product and/or packaging. We have products/ingredients that are USDA Organic certified by OEFFA.

  • Our co-manufacturing operations are designed to be compliant with the OEFFA Organic Systems Plan (OSP) for Handlers, regardless of certification. We are audited by OEFFA annually.

  • We can facilitate Fair Trade USA certification for the product and packaging. We have Fair Trade CertifiedTM products/ingredients by Fair Trade USA.

Your responsibilities:

  • Design labels, seals, custom packaging, etc. for product packaging.

  • Source proprietary ingredients and provide nutrition facts and ingredients/sub-ingredients.

  • Assure collection of invoices due.

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